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Today is the Day… A New Year A New You.. Join Us

Join our 6 Week Healthy Challenge

Registration is now open for our national 6 week healthy challenge. This is a HEALTH challenge for those who would just like to have some fun team support getting back on track to their healthy journey and commit to either….

Maintaining your weight to no more than 1% of where you were when you started or losing up to 5.9%.

Or we have the second category for those who would like to lose at least 6% over the 6 week time period using ANY HEALTH PROGRAM you like. It’s fun and great to have support.

Of course if you would like to do our Take Shape program for your weight loss I would suggest you get with me and order your food by January 5th.

Here is the link to register, cost is $23 and if you hit your goal you are an automatic winner and maybe our team will win some prizes too.

Register at

The team gets points for you inviting others to join us.. After you sign up reach out to your friends and family and ask them to join us.

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Take Shape Tuesday Congratulations to Gary

A Great Big congratulations Gary.
Gary’s story to amazing health goes way beyond his weight loss of 70 lbs.
With hereditary high cholesterol and high blood pressure in his family Gary thought maybe with his weight lossgary
and working on improving his health it would might improve these two areas of his health also,
though not overly confident due to it being hereditary.
Today no high BP or Cholesterol, no medications and Gary is Thriving Daily with amazing Health.


Take Shape Tuesday Congratulations to Debbie

Debbie’s Story in her words
“Growing up in Colorado I lived an active childhood; engaging in swimming, water skiing and basketball. Once I got out of high school, I began living a very unhealthy lifestyle. Turning to food for solace, I was eating myself into obesity.Debbie Medifast This is where my yo-yo dieting began for 25+ years. I tried MANY diets, only to gain it back!! My wake-up call was my father died from esophageal and stomach cancer at age 61. I, myself was suffering from severaI ailments. I knew I needed to GET HEALTHY! In desperation, I reached out to a health coach on Facebook, I LOST 55lbs! NOW I’m LOOKING forward to my 50th birthday.”

If you are ready to get healthy reach out to me or another Health Coach and lets work together to reach those goals!

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Take Shape Tuesday Congratulations to Steve

Words from Steve’s soon to be son in law.
I want to share a story. This man has been a complete inspiration to me. He introduced me to his health coach who is walking me through my journey now.
Steve is my soon to be father in law. I get the privilege to marry one of his daughters, the love of my life, soon. Well when I met Steve he was a big guy. I know what it is like to be a big guy so I never passed any judgment about the fact that he was a bigger dude. Over the last 6 months or so I have witnessed his amazing transformation. He had the help of his coach and now also the encouragement of his loved ones cheering him on along his journey. I can say that this man is truly leading by example and is now grabbing life by the horns. I am so proud of him and he has reminded me that I can as well do this. Steve has lost an incredible 140 lbs. He will always have people on his side cheering him on as we celebrate the new joy he has found in health and wellness. Congratulations my friend, you are the man!

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6 Week Health Challenge Starting Soon


TEAM up with others inside a fun 6 Week Health Challenge designed to help you eat healthier, get fit and win money while you learn to live a healthier lifestyle? Ante up $20 (plus a $2.49 service fee) and win a little $$$ for achieving your goal(s)!

Watch promo video here:
thin it video

Join my team and experience the benefit of having a team of others and a FREE personal health coach (me) supporting and encouraging you as you practice the Habits of Health to achieve your personal health goals!

Individuals can win money for achieving their weight loss percentage goal AND for earning a minimum number of healthy habit points for making healthy choices and participating in the Challenge.

Even if you’re already at a healthy weight you can still join the challenge and maintain your weight while eating healthier, increasing your exercise, drinking more water and encouraging others!

P.S. There’s also a $1,000 team prize! Yeah baby! Let’s nab this prize money too and encourage one another for 6 weeks!

So what’s next?

1) Join this event!

2) “Share” the event with others you would like to join us.

3) Get in touch with me to set up a Free consultation. I can give you all the details. Send me a private message or email.

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Take Shape Tuesday Congratulations to Laura


In Laura’s words
“I am turning 30 next week and it’s more than I ever dreamed and hoped and prayed for 2 years ago – that I would be entering the next decade of life actually wanting to get up and face myself each day.”

Congratulations Laura! You’re an inspiration to us all.
So happy for you!