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1 Day till the New Year and a New You

I know that most everyone looks at January 1st as the day to start many new things including losing weight and getting healthy so my hope is that these 12 days before the new years these will help motivate and get you excited about the changes you want to make.
J0in our 6 week Health Challenge coming soon!

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10 Days till a New Year New You

I know that most everyone looks at January 1st as the day to start many new things including losing weight and getting healthy so my hope is that these 12 days before the new years these will help motivate and get you excited about the changes you want to make.
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Join our New Years 6 week health challenge Health Challenge!

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Take Shape Tuesday Congratulations to Amy

In Amy’s own words….

I lost 119.5 pounds and have maintained that loss. My original goal was to lose 100 pounds which I did in a year. Then, after maintaining that loss, I decided to go for an even healthier weight for my

I am a 38 (39 in January!!! Eek!!) year-old mom, I found this plan so easy to work into my life and experienced results that were beyond anything I could have imagined.

When my twin girls were three, I read an article that said that the number one factor in a child’s health and weight both during childhood and adulthood was the health and weight of the mother, I FINALLY decided that I had to try this program. I had very little hope of it working because nothing else I had tried from extreme diets to constant workouts had budged the scale more than 20 pounds. I was absolutely shocked at how easily and quickly I lost weight while eating food I enjoyed 6 times a day. Right about when I would begin to feel hungry, it was time to eat again! The thing that attracted me to this program is that it just made sense. I feel like it is kind to my body instead of trying to punish it into submission. I have loved having the support of my own health coach. I have found it very easy to maintain. I, honestly, never thought it was possible to, at almost 40 I weighed the same as I did in high school while feeling better than I did at 25!!

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Take Shape Tuesday Congratulations!

Laurie & Wayne
“So this is Wayne and I – over 140 pounds between us GONE. When I first looked at the BMI chart – well – I wasn’t ON it! And at 49 years old, being handed a fistful of prescriptions, I knew this wasn’t how I wanted the second half of my life to go. Our lives together are SO much healthier and happier because of this program.”

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10 Tips to Build Resilience

Stress occurs all year round, but can be especially strong over the holidays. That’s why we dug into the archives and pulled out this treasure for Throwback Thursday. Read on to build up your resilience and relieve that holiday stress!
The majority of us live with moderate to high levels of stress, so it’s important to understand the difference between obtaining relief from stress and building resilience to stress. Read more to understand relief vs. resilience and get 10 tips to build resilience!build
We all experience stress in different ways. You may have a hard time concentrating or making decisions, feel angry, irritable or out of control, or experience headaches, muscle tension or a lack of energy. Some people use Short Term Energy Relieving Behaviors (STERBs) to relieve stress, including drinking, sleeping, smoking, eating, shopping, etc.
STERBs distract attention from the negative effects of stress by providing a short-term relief. Not all STERBs are inherently unhealthy, but relying on STERBs to manage stress can create additional problems.
Those who identify themselves as “stress eaters” fall into the pattern of using food to obtain relief from stress: Eat to relieve stress, stress about gaining weight, eat to relieve stress …
The more effective way to manage stress is to build resilience to more easily “bounce back” from problems and continue to work towards a healthy lifestyle. The American Psychological Association* suggests 10 ways to build resilience:
Maintaining good relationships with close family members, friends and others.
Avoid seeing crises or stressful events as unbearable problems.
Accept circumstances that cannot be changed.
Develop realistic goals and move towards them.
Take decisive actions in adverse situations.
Look for opportunities of self-discovery after a struggle with loss.
Develop self-confidence.
Keep a long-term perspective and consider the stressful event in a broader context.
Maintain a hopeful outlook, expecting good things and visualizing what is wished.
Take care of one’s mind and body, exercising regularly, paying attention to one’s own needs and feelings.
Which of these 10 resilience builders sounds good to you? How can you focus on building your resilience to stress instead of seeking short-term relief? I would love to hear your thoughts and plans in the comments section below!
*American Psychological Association, “The Road to Resilience”

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11 Tips to burn off those Thanksgiving Calories

If you find yourself overindulging this Thanksgiving, the best thing you can do is get right back on track with your healthy lifestyle the next morning. There’s no better feeling than starting the day with some physical activity to burn off all those extra calories that were consumed the night before.
But before you make your way to the local gym, why not take this opportunity to multitask? With the holidays fast approaching, it’s the perfect time to do some gift shopping.
Before you head out the door, keep in mind it’s Black Friday, and you’re going to have to be ruthless in grabbing your coveted items before someone else. Follow the tips below to maximize your movement and your ability to seize the deals!11 tips
1. Wear gym clothes and sneakers while shopping to move faster and burn more calories
2. Set a goal for how many steps you want to take and use a pedometer to track them.
3. Don’t waste time looking for closer parking – head to the farthest end of the garage to increase the number of steps you take and calories you burn.
4. Try wearing a weighted vest or ankle weights to keep your muscles actively engaged.
5. Grab the heaviest items first so you burn extra calories while carrying them around.
6. Carry water and Medifast Flavor Infusers to stay hydrated and energized.
7. Take extra laps around the store – you’ll burn more calories and increase your chances of finding a great deal!
8. Sprint up the escalator, or better yet, take the stairs!
9. While waiting in line, march in place, do calf raises, or simply squat to keep your body moving.
10. If you’re with a shopping buddy who can save your place, take turns going for strolls while waiting on the longest lines.
11. Try on clothes for extra movement, and if you’re fitting into a smaller size, more motivation to stay active and healthy!

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Take Shape Tuesday Congratulations to Carissa

October is kind of an exciting month for me … I am celebrating two years of maintaining my weight loss! My journey over the last 2+ years has been pretty surreal actually. It started with losing 80 pounds in less than seven months, no longer pre-diabetic, have the energy to keep up with Rylan, and just overall, feel like a completely different person. carissa
And more exciting than my own transformation, is helping others improve their health and supporting them along their journey. Over a year ago, this gave me the opportunity to leave teaching … which has ultimately given me more quality time with Rylan, more flexibility and freedom.
Who would have known that starting a “weight-loss” program would lead me to a healthy body, a clearer mind, and just overall, a happier person.”

We are so happy for Carissa and the new life she is living. If you would like to know more about our program to lose weight or if you know someone looking to help others gain health in their life, send me an email and let’s chat and see if our program is a match for you.