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1 Day till the New Year and a New You

I know that most everyone looks at January 1st as the day to start many new things including losing weight and getting healthy so my hope is that these 12 days before the new years these will help motivate and get you excited about the changes you want to make.
J0in our 6 week Health Challenge coming soon!

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Take Shape Tuesday Congratulations to Amy

In Amy’s own words….

I lost 119.5 pounds and have maintained that loss. My original goal was to lose 100 pounds which I did in a year. Then, after maintaining that loss, I decided to go for an even healthier weight for my

I am a 38 (39 in January!!! Eek!!) year-old mom, I found this plan so easy to work into my life and experienced results that were beyond anything I could have imagined.

When my twin girls were three, I read an article that said that the number one factor in a child’s health and weight both during childhood and adulthood was the health and weight of the mother, I FINALLY decided that I had to try this program. I had very little hope of it working because nothing else I had tried from extreme diets to constant workouts had budged the scale more than 20 pounds. I was absolutely shocked at how easily and quickly I lost weight while eating food I enjoyed 6 times a day. Right about when I would begin to feel hungry, it was time to eat again! The thing that attracted me to this program is that it just made sense. I feel like it is kind to my body instead of trying to punish it into submission. I have loved having the support of my own health coach. I have found it very easy to maintain. I, honestly, never thought it was possible to, at almost 40 I weighed the same as I did in high school while feeling better than I did at 25!!

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Take Shape Tuesday Congratulations to Alice

Alice’s story:

After many years of discouragement trying to lose weight and going on diets, Alice finally found our amazing Take Shape For Life program and it changed her life!
Alice has lost 60 lbs. and gone from a size 16 to a size 6. Alice
Alice says, “I’m healthy again, have energy and feel amazing! Best of all I’ve kept it off for a year and going strong! I’m a better mom and a better wife. Life is wonderful!”

Would you like to have an Alice story a year from now? You can, contact me today and let’s get you moving to a happy healthy life.


Join our Team July Health Challenge

Here is the link to our team site

As You probably already know, I am a health coach and I work with clients to eat healthier, lose weight, and incorporate habits of health to ensure long-term success.

A few of my colleagues have set-up a Team Challenge to help people get healthy for the Summer…and beyond. The thing I am most excited about, is that for the first time it is not exclusively for active clients that I am currently working with…it is for anyone.

Also, it is not just for people who want to lose weight, but it is also geared for those who may be at a healthy weight and want to increase their awareness of healthy habits. Either way, you get me as your free guide and coach!

There will be different activities throughout the challenge that will help educate and integrate people into the Habits of Health…which I am certified in as a health coach.It’s $20 to register, which creates the “pot” of money that will be dispersed at the end of the challenge AND there is not just one or two winners. If you meet the following two requirements, you split the pot…so there can be a lot of winners.

Weight Loss or Maintenance: Lose 4% of your weight OR maintain your weight under a 1% gain

Participation: Accumulate at least 80% of possible points through simple daily activities (this is simple to get points and I can explain that more in detail later)
It’s pretty straight forward, and I’m going to do my best to make it fun for everyone. I will host a few online group ZOOM Video sessions so we can meet others and cheer each other on. In the past it was the team component that makes this really fun. If you think it sounds interesting, I would just like to set-up a time to chat with you about your health goals so I can support you better and offer the best solutions for you…in my health coach opinion. I will also send you a link in a following email from the “challenge site” if you want to register. The challenge doesn’t start until July 7th, but you can get some early-bird points for inviting some friends to join you on my team. So the sooner you register the better.I hope that all makes sense. If you have specific questions just send me an email. I hope you will join me. I intend to have a really cool group of people getting healthy together.

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Take Shape Tuesday Congratultions to Tracie

Tracie is a true survivor.
As a mammographer living in Georgia, Tracie witnessed a lot of emotions from her patients ranging from fear and anger, to tears and relief. Emotions can surface in many ways when patients come in for a mammogram. One of the biggest challenges for mammographers is seeing the hardships women endure when diagnosed with breast cancer.

But even years of working as a mammographer could not prepare Tracie for her own diagnosis with breast cancer. The irony of this hardship tested both her emotional resolve and endurance. Tracie persevered, and the cancer went into remission.

As a breast cancer survivor, Tracie felt empowered. No challenge could ever compare to the fight against cancer. She knew that in order to live a healthier lifestyle she had to survive yet another journey; a weight loss journey. Tracie started Medifast and lost a whopping 53.8 pounds*, going from a size 20 to a size 8, in 10 months.

At Take Shape For Life we have the pleasure of being a free health coach to those who would like to use the Medifast foods along with our support and education system to help you not only lose the weight but learn the Habits of Health to maintain that healthy weight.

For more information please go to

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Take Shape Tuesday Congratulations to Gary

Here is Gary’s Story in his own words
“Before beginning the Take Shape for Life program, I thought to lose weight, I would need to do HOURS of cardio, eat fewer calories less often, and basically deny myself. Boy was I wrong! I now realize that by starving myself; I was packing on the pounds even though I was eating very little.

I was diagnosed with sleep apnea 5 years ago. Three years ago, I had surgery to help alleviate the problem but I was only marginally better. Now, after losing 60 pounds, I do not have issues sleeping. I do not snore. I wake fully rested and do not get tired during the day. I have more energy now than when I was a teenager.

12 weeks ago, I was fat and tired. Tired of being the fat friend, the fat brother, the fat teacher, the fat father, the fat husband… With the assistance of my Health, I chose to participate in the Stop, Challenge, Choose contest; With my coaches guidance and the writings of Dr. A, I realize that I am more than the fat guy. I am Gary, great guy who deserves to take care of himself; a guy who deserves to be happy and healthy and enjoy life.

I have changed me now, and It is the small, daily routines that I have learned that will carry me through and make the difference.

I am Grateful,


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This is Lisa’s story in her own words…
“Weighing nearly 400lbs and wearing a size 5x. My Journey “into” obesity was a painful one. I was unhealthy, embarrassed and depressed about my weight. I struggled emotionally and physically every day, all the while dreaming about the day I might be thin and healthy again. I was facing serious health problems. I was sick and tired of being sick and tired and fed up with just dreaming about being healthy. I decided to STOP dreaming about it and make some changes. Luckily, one loving person shared this program with me. I looked at the results people were having with this program and that was enough for me to say yes!
My Journey “out” of obesity was incredible, the support was phenomenal. Now wearing a plain ol’ size 4 (no x’s) I lost over 240lbs. I feel great! So many people struggle with how to keep their weight off, so for me the most important thing I’ve learned with this program is how to maintain my healthy weight for life and I’m loving it!”