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Today is the Day… A New Year A New You.. Join Us

Join our 6 Week Healthy Challenge

Registration is now open for our national 6 week healthy challenge. This is a HEALTH challenge for those who would just like to have some fun team support getting back on track to their healthy journey and commit to either….

Maintaining your weight to no more than 1% of where you were when you started or losing up to 5.9%.

Or we have the second category for those who would like to lose at least 6% over the 6 week time period using ANY HEALTH PROGRAM you like. It’s fun and great to have support.

Of course if you would like to do our Take Shape program for your weight loss I would suggest you get with me and order your food by January 5th.

Here is the link to register, cost is $23 and if you hit your goal you are an automatic winner and maybe our team will win some prizes too.

Register at

The team gets points for you inviting others to join us.. After you sign up reach out to your friends and family and ask them to join us.

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Join us for 6 weeks of Health

Join us for the Healthy Games Challenge.  This Challenge is about learning and promoting health.  So if you are maintaining your healthy weight this will help keep you on track!  If you want to lose weight, it will help you stay accountable with whatever program you want to use.  Everyone is a winner who participates and earns the points necessary.

This interactive challenge creates a fun way to meet others on the same journey and inspire others and be inspired by others!  The cost is $23 an investment in your health is ‘priceless’.  The link to register is opening Jan 1, 2015 so let me know and I will get the link to you as soon as it opens.

Challenge Starts January 12th and runs for 6 weeks.

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6 Week Health Challenge Starting Soon


TEAM up with others inside a fun 6 Week Health Challenge designed to help you eat healthier, get fit and win money while you learn to live a healthier lifestyle? Ante up $20 (plus a $2.49 service fee) and win a little $$$ for achieving your goal(s)!

Watch promo video here:
thin it video

Join my team and experience the benefit of having a team of others and a FREE personal health coach (me) supporting and encouraging you as you practice the Habits of Health to achieve your personal health goals!

Individuals can win money for achieving their weight loss percentage goal AND for earning a minimum number of healthy habit points for making healthy choices and participating in the Challenge.

Even if you’re already at a healthy weight you can still join the challenge and maintain your weight while eating healthier, increasing your exercise, drinking more water and encouraging others!

P.S. There’s also a $1,000 team prize! Yeah baby! Let’s nab this prize money too and encourage one another for 6 weeks!

So what’s next?

1) Join this event!

2) “Share” the event with others you would like to join us.

3) Get in touch with me to set up a Free consultation. I can give you all the details. Send me a private message or email.


Join our Team July Health Challenge

Here is the link to our team site

As You probably already know, I am a health coach and I work with clients to eat healthier, lose weight, and incorporate habits of health to ensure long-term success.

A few of my colleagues have set-up a Team Challenge to help people get healthy for the Summer…and beyond. The thing I am most excited about, is that for the first time it is not exclusively for active clients that I am currently working with…it is for anyone.

Also, it is not just for people who want to lose weight, but it is also geared for those who may be at a healthy weight and want to increase their awareness of healthy habits. Either way, you get me as your free guide and coach!

There will be different activities throughout the challenge that will help educate and integrate people into the Habits of Health…which I am certified in as a health coach.It’s $20 to register, which creates the “pot” of money that will be dispersed at the end of the challenge AND there is not just one or two winners. If you meet the following two requirements, you split the pot…so there can be a lot of winners.

Weight Loss or Maintenance: Lose 4% of your weight OR maintain your weight under a 1% gain

Participation: Accumulate at least 80% of possible points through simple daily activities (this is simple to get points and I can explain that more in detail later)
It’s pretty straight forward, and I’m going to do my best to make it fun for everyone. I will host a few online group ZOOM Video sessions so we can meet others and cheer each other on. In the past it was the team component that makes this really fun. If you think it sounds interesting, I would just like to set-up a time to chat with you about your health goals so I can support you better and offer the best solutions for you…in my health coach opinion. I will also send you a link in a following email from the “challenge site” if you want to register. The challenge doesn’t start until July 7th, but you can get some early-bird points for inviting some friends to join you on my team. So the sooner you register the better.I hope that all makes sense. If you have specific questions just send me an email. I hope you will join me. I intend to have a really cool group of people getting healthy together.

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Dr A on Mindfulness and Shirley’s 211 lb weight loss story

Please enjoy this great information from my partner Dr Wayne Scott Andersen aka DrA.

Makes so much sense, we just need to start thinking about what we want and stop reacting to our situations!



Someone besides me needed to hear this today.
So I am posting my heart and my fears, but that is just all part of this wonderful life we have been given.
Love to hear back from you and how your journey is progressing.


You Got What It Takes, You Can Win

Last night I had the privilege of seeing Shania Twain in concert. She sang a song I had not heard before. One she explained came at a time in her life were she just had to tell herself only she could make herself happy. I was so touched how these word can help us in so many ways, especially as we struggle to reclaim the best health we can have. I hope you enjoy the video and here are the words.

“Today Is Your Day” by Shania Twain

(You got what it takes you can win)

You got what it takes you can win
Today is your day to begin
Don’t give up here, don’t you quit
The moment is now, this is it
I know that you can then you will
Get to the top of the hill
Part of the fun is the climb
You just gotta make up your mind

That today is your day
And nothing can stand in your way
Today is your day
Everything’s going your way
Today, today, today, today

When somebody throws sticks and stones
All they can break are your bones
And life’s gonna kick you around
Then kick you again when you’re down

But today is your day
And nothing can stand in your way
Today is your day
Everything’s going your way
Today, today, today, today

Life’s gonna kick
It’s gonna kick you around
It’s gonna kick you down

Brush yourself up, no regrets
This is as good as it gets
Don’t expect more or less
Just go out and give it your best

Today is your day
And nothing can stand in your way
Today is your day
Everything’s going your way
Today, today, today, today

Today is your day