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Affording Travel

Airfare is usually the most expensive part of traveling. Coach tickets from the US to Europe can run between $700- $1400 depending on the dollar to euro value and the season of travel. The strategy here is ….. don’t buy your airline ticket! Use air miles and if you don’t have them now don’t worry you can get them and grow them fast without ever flying.
amxStart with enrolling in one or two credit cards that that have super high enrollment bonuses. I opened my BA Alaska Air card back in the late 80s when mileage programs first started, I know they give 25,000 miles and a once a year companion fare when you sign up with them. I also read from another blogger the following.
“A few years ago, I strategically opened 2 different credit cards (one an AmEx, one a British Airways Visa) with unusually crazy high enrollment bonuses. Within just a few months’ time I went from 0 miles to 50,000 AmEx points (redeemable for airline miles on at least a 1:1 basis) and 100,000 British Airways miles. Keep in mind, BA is part of the OneWorld alliance, so I can book with other airlines using these miles. In just a few months’ time, with 2 credit cards (that didn’t hurt my credit, by the way) I earned enough miles to take 3 international round trip flights – without ever stepping on an airplane. I got the AmEx points simply for opening the card, and I earned the BA miles after spending $2500 in 3 months, which wasn’t that hard for me because I strategically put ALL my expenses on the card for 3 months”.
Do a little research to find out which will give you the best miles and start earning those miles today for that Bucket List trip you want to take tomorrow.