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11 Tips to burn off those Thanksgiving Calories

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If you find yourself overindulging this Thanksgiving, the best thing you can do is get right back on track with your healthy lifestyle the next morning. There’s no better feeling than starting the day with some physical activity to burn off all those extra calories that were consumed the night before.
But before you make your way to the local gym, why not take this opportunity to multitask? With the holidays fast approaching, it’s the perfect time to do some gift shopping.
Before you head out the door, keep in mind it’s Black Friday, and you’re going to have to be ruthless in grabbing your coveted items before someone else. Follow the tips below to maximize your movement and your ability to seize the deals!11 tips
1. Wear gym clothes and sneakers while shopping to move faster and burn more calories
2. Set a goal for how many steps you want to take and use a pedometer to track them.
3. Don’t waste time looking for closer parking – head to the farthest end of the garage to increase the number of steps you take and calories you burn.
4. Try wearing a weighted vest or ankle weights to keep your muscles actively engaged.
5. Grab the heaviest items first so you burn extra calories while carrying them around.
6. Carry water and Medifast Flavor Infusers to stay hydrated and energized.
7. Take extra laps around the store – you’ll burn more calories and increase your chances of finding a great deal!
8. Sprint up the escalator, or better yet, take the stairs!
9. While waiting in line, march in place, do calf raises, or simply squat to keep your body moving.
10. If you’re with a shopping buddy who can save your place, take turns going for strolls while waiting on the longest lines.
11. Try on clothes for extra movement, and if you’re fitting into a smaller size, more motivation to stay active and healthy!


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