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Take Shape Tuesday Congratulations to Deanna

In Deanna’s Words

In 1995 I had gained over 50 pounds with the birth of twins and continued to gain until I was at 220 pounds. At 5’1” the weight was putting a lot of stress on my body and joints. At my breaking point I was wearing size 18 pants which were so tight around the waist that I had to use a rubber band in the button hole to fasten them because I refused to move up another size. Deanna
I had tried multiple plans, pills, exercise programs, gym memberships, researched gastric bypass and would lose some weight (at the most 25 pounds) but then would just gain it back and then some.
I was unhappy, miserable in my own skin, uncomfortable in my clothes, and basically gave up on ever thinking I could lose weight.
Then I saw a friend post a picture of her health journey and I asked for her help. I am blessed to have been able to release 70 pounds from my body and have discovered a new person in myself. A new person not only in my body, but my mind and soul. I went from a super tight 18 pants to a comfortable 5/6. I am now exercising for my health and toning of my body. I am competing in 5k & 10k runs and recently competed in an obstacle course race called a Spartan Sprint! It has been an awesome ride and I feel like a person that has been re-born!

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Take Shape Tuesday Congratulations to Carissa

October is kind of an exciting month for me … I am celebrating two years of maintaining my weight loss! My journey over the last 2+ years has been pretty surreal actually. It started with losing 80 pounds in less than seven months, no longer pre-diabetic, have the energy to keep up with Rylan, and just overall, feel like a completely different person. carissa
And more exciting than my own transformation, is helping others improve their health and supporting them along their journey. Over a year ago, this gave me the opportunity to leave teaching … which has ultimately given me more quality time with Rylan, more flexibility and freedom.
Who would have known that starting a “weight-loss” program would lead me to a healthy body, a clearer mind, and just overall, a happier person.”

We are so happy for Carissa and the new life she is living. If you would like to know more about our program to lose weight or if you know someone looking to help others gain health in their life, send me an email and let’s chat and see if our program is a match for you.