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Take Shape Tuesday

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This is what a 45 lbs weight loss looks like. I love the 4-10 bags of potatoes to put it in perspective.Imagine if you would like to lose 20,30,40 or even more. Can you go to a grocery store and grab that much weight in bags of food and carry it around the store for even 5 minutes? Would it be difficult? Would you be breathless? The thing is, with that extra weight on our bodies right now, we are already stressing our bodies. When you set the bags down you were carrying around the store, you feel the relief of releasing the weight right away.

Now can you imagine the relief your body and mind will feel when you lose the extra weight you are carrying? You wonโ€™t feel it immediately like you did with the bags of food, but give it time and you will feel it more and more as you lose the weight and reach your goal.


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I love helping people with their Bucket List Travel and to learn the habits of health to live a happier healthier life. At this time in life I enjoy spending time with my family being a NANA, playing tennis, reading. enjoying true friendships and living my Bucket List Life

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