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Take Shape Tuesday Congratulations to Alice

Alice’s story:

After many years of discouragement trying to lose weight and going on diets, Alice finally found our amazing Take Shape For Life program and it changed her life!
Alice has lost 60 lbs. and gone from a size 16 to a size 6. Alice
Alice says, “I’m healthy again, have energy and feel amazing! Best of all I’ve kept it off for a year and going strong! I’m a better mom and a better wife. Life is wonderful!”

Would you like to have an Alice story a year from now? You can, contact me today and let’s get you moving to a happy healthy life.


Take Shape Tuesday Congratulations to Debbie

Debbie’s Story in her words
“Growing up in Colorado I lived an active childhood; engaging in swimming, water skiing and basketball. Once I got out of high school, I began living a very unhealthy lifestyle. Turning to food for solace, I was eating myself into obesity.Debbie Medifast This is where my yo-yo dieting began for 25+ years. I tried MANY diets, only to gain it back!! My wake-up call was my father died from esophageal and stomach cancer at age 61. I, myself was suffering from severaI ailments. I knew I needed to GET HEALTHY! In desperation, I reached out to a health coach on Facebook, I LOST 55lbs! NOW I’m LOOKING forward to my 50th birthday.”

If you are ready to get healthy reach out to me or another Health Coach and lets work together to reach those goals!

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How Healthy are your Food and Drink Choices?

Some meal options are confusing and tricky. They appear healthy, the packaging looks and sounds healthy, and the label might even contain some buzzwords like “electrolytes,” “packed with protein,” or “four servings of fruit/vegetables.”

These terms are sometimes used to make otherwise unhealthy foods and drinks seem healthy and appealing. Unfortunately, this strategy works, and people oftentimes blindly pick up a package of food on the strength of this terminology alone, unknowingly filling their body with unwanted fats and sugars in the process.

Today, I’d like to identify four of these problem foods and drinks so you can make smarter, more informed choices the next time you’re out and about.

In the supermarket

1. Sports drinks

You’ve probably seen an advertisement for sports drinks involving a notable pro athlete in desperate need of a little extra push. He or she will take a sip and hit a new gear, pushing his or her team toward victory.

These drinks, however, are usually packed with unnecessary sugars, containing both natural sugar and high fructose corn syrup to achieve their sweet, enjoyable taste. This rockets up the sugar content to over 20 grams per serving, making it an awful choice for any health-minded individual.

The electrolytes are beneficial for a body in motion, so if you want the same effects without all the extra sugar, look for an alternate version of your favorite sports drink. Gatorade markets its lower sugar, healthier line as “G2,” while Powerade offers “Powerade Zero,” a no-sugar alternative to the traditional Powerade line.

If you want to be really safe, though, choose the safest alternative of all: water.

2. Packaged or Restaurant Salads

A salad has to be healthy, right?


If you buy a packaged salad at a convenient store or if you opt for the salad at your favorite restaurant, you might not be getting exactly what you think. These salads are usually loaded with preservatives and chemicals to keep the vegetables fresh for extended periods of time.
In addition, the various toppings that make a restaurant salad so tasty pack in calories and leave you eating far more than intended. For instance, a boneless buffalo chicken salad from a popular restaurant chain contains 1,020 calories, while a quesadilla explosion salad from the same place clocks in at 1,430 calories.

When choosing a salad out, make sure you read exactly what’s in the salad, and ask for fat-free or oil-based dressing, like a vinaigrette. A salad should work for you, not against you!

3. Smoothies

Not all smoothies are bad, but if you’re paying someone to make it for you, chances are, you’re getting more than just fruit and juice.

While smoothies can provide a quick and tasty boost when you’re on the go, they’re sometimes filled with extra sugar and syrups to ensure their sweet, savory taste. Even more, the fruit juice used by many smoothie chains is from concentrate, meaning that it, too, can be loaded with high-fructose corn syrup and unnecessary calories.

Add in ingredients like whipped cream, chocolate powders, and ice cream, and your favorite smoothie might be hurting your health more than you realize!

To combat this, use a blender at home to make your own smoothies. Here, you can choose exactly what goes in, ensuring that what comes out is a healthier, tastier treat!

4. Energy or Protein Bars

Like the other items on this list, not all energy or protein bars are bad for you. I regularly eat Medifast bars when I’m traveling or when I need a quick pick-me-up at home, and they work great for me.

However, common supermarket choices in this department are jam-packed with sugars, preservatives, and calories, making what should be just a small snack a full meal and then some.

The best way to tell what you’re getting here is to read the nutrition label. Is it high in sugars and calories? Do you see terms like “high-fructose corn syrup” or “Glucose-fructose”? If so, you can probably do better! Look for a naturally sweetened alternative and enjoy the same benefits without any of the repercussions.

Do you regularly eat or drink any of these items? What will you choose now? I’d love to hear how this information impacts your health and your diet. Leave a comment, and we’ll chat about it.
re-posted from Dr A

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Take Shape Tuesday

This is what a 45 lbs weight loss looks like. I love the 4-10 bags of potatoes to put it in perspective.Imagine if you would like to lose 20,30,40 or even more. Can you go to a grocery store and grab that much weight in bags of food and carry it around the store for even 5 minutes? Would it be difficult? Would you be breathless? The thing is, with that extra weight on our bodies right now, we are already stressing our bodies. When you set the bags down you were carrying around the store, you feel the relief of releasing the weight right away.

Now can you imagine the relief your body and mind will feel when you lose the extra weight you are carrying? You won’t feel it immediately like you did with the bags of food, but give it time and you will feel it more and more as you lose the weight and reach your goal.

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The Real Thing on Coke… or Pepsi

This is a great way for me to celebrate almost 1 year since I gave up Soda. From the time I was 10 till 51 I drank diet soda like it was water. It might have been “Diet” but it was not helping my diet or yours in anyway. Watch this amazing true video on Coke and let me know how you feel about Soda?

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Take Shape Tuesday Congratulations to Steve

Words from Steve’s soon to be son in law.
I want to share a story. This man has been a complete inspiration to me. He introduced me to his health coach who is walking me through my journey now.
Steve is my soon to be father in law. I get the privilege to marry one of his daughters, the love of my life, soon. Well when I met Steve he was a big guy. I know what it is like to be a big guy so I never passed any judgment about the fact that he was a bigger dude. Over the last 6 months or so I have witnessed his amazing transformation. He had the help of his coach and now also the encouragement of his loved ones cheering him on along his journey. I can say that this man is truly leading by example and is now grabbing life by the horns. I am so proud of him and he has reminded me that I can as well do this. Steve has lost an incredible 140 lbs. He will always have people on his side cheering him on as we celebrate the new joy he has found in health and wellness. Congratulations my friend, you are the man!