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6 Week Health Challenge Starting Soon


TEAM up with others inside a fun 6 Week Health Challenge designed to help you eat healthier, get fit and win money while you learn to live a healthier lifestyle? Ante up $20 (plus a $2.49 service fee) and win a little $$$ for achieving your goal(s)!

Watch promo video here:
thin it video

Join my team and experience the benefit of having a team of others and a FREE personal health coach (me) supporting and encouraging you as you practice the Habits of Health to achieve your personal health goals!

Individuals can win money for achieving their weight loss percentage goal AND for earning a minimum number of healthy habit points for making healthy choices and participating in the Challenge.

Even if you’re already at a healthy weight you can still join the challenge and maintain your weight while eating healthier, increasing your exercise, drinking more water and encouraging others!

P.S. There’s also a $1,000 team prize! Yeah baby! Let’s nab this prize money too and encourage one another for 6 weeks!

So what’s next?

1) Join this event!

2) “Share” the event with others you would like to join us.

3) Get in touch with me to set up a Free consultation. I can give you all the details. Send me a private message or email.

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Take Shape Tuesday Congratulations to Shirley

It’s anniversary day today for Shirley. It’s such an honor to know her and to share her story. She gives Hope to so many. 10629868_10204668885226633_7756974304278451840_n
Here is her story:
“Four years ago today, I started on a path that was going to drastically improve my overall health. You’ve seen the pink shirt “before” photo, but that one was actually taken after I’d been on plan for two weeks… when I already knew I was going to finish the job! This photo is a more accurate “before” photo, taken a year earlier. I weighed nearly 400 pounds, resigned to the reality that I was on a path to premature death, but feeling helpless to know how to make an effective change. You all know what a few small steps, taken with the tiniest bit of hope, have led to in my life and in the lives of so many who took hope themselves and followed that path to health. 10420351_10204668886986677_1688383569875984069_n

My dear friends… CELEBRATE with me! Pay it forward… SHARE my good news with people who — like me — have nearly given up hope of better health.”

It’s so much easier than you think.

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Take Shape Tuesday Congratulations to Erin


“I just can’t believe that I’ve lost 90 pounds! Before I was on the program, I had no energy, terrible self-esteem and I ate my feelings. Now I know how to manage my stress and I have never had so much energy! I feel like I can do anything”

Would you like to feel what Erin feels now…that you can do anything? That’s a life transformed speaking! Ready now?
Lets Talk!

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Take Shape Tuesday Congratulations to Stacey


CONGRATS, STACEY! This was Stacey last summer and, now, this summer. She has changed in more ways than just 75 pounds of weight loss! If this transformation interests you or someone you care about, message me for details.