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This is Lisa’s story in her own words…
“Weighing nearly 400lbs and wearing a size 5x. My Journey “into” obesity was a painful one. I was unhealthy, embarrassed and depressed about my weight. I struggled emotionally and physically every day, all the while dreaming about the day I might be thin and healthy again. I was facing serious health problems. I was sick and tired of being sick and tired and fed up with just dreaming about being healthy. I decided to STOP dreaming about it and make some changes. Luckily, one loving person shared this program with me. I looked at the results people were having with this program and that was enough for me to say yes!
My Journey “out” of obesity was incredible, the support was phenomenal. Now wearing a plain ol’ size 4 (no x’s) I lost over 240lbs. I feel great! So many people struggle with how to keep their weight off, so for me the most important thing I’ve learned with this program is how to maintain my healthy weight for life and I’m loving it!”

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Take Shape Tuesday Congratulations

Eddie just turned 50 last week and was informed by his doctor that he has added numerous years to his life!

Less than a year ago he was almost admitted to the hospital for health issues that no longer exist!

95 lbs down we are SO proud of all the changes he has made and now is an example of health to others!


Take Shape Tuesday Congratulations!!


Congratulations to these two fine young girls for changing their health and their life in ways we will never fully understand. When you are child and overweight it is so much harder than even being an adult and overweight. Kids tease, ridicule, abuse, taunt and generally torture overweight kids through-out the school years and we have no clue as to what that does in the life, mind and personality of the overweight child. What a more vibrant and healthy life you have a head of you. Again Congrats girls… and to your parents also!!!

If you have a child that is overweight we over a Teen and child’s program to help.

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Take Shape Tuesday Congratulations to Jay and Kim

Meet Jay and Kim.
Jay and Kim

They have an amazing story. They have come so far with their healthy journey they are now helping guide others to better health as well. (When you make this kind of amazing change you want to share it with as many people as possible!)

What has meant the most to Kim and me, and our entire family, has been learning how to live life well, not just losing weight. The biggest distinction and lesson we’ve collectively learned on our wellness journey is to be careful what you say to yourself everyday…

If you say it’s a struggle, it is.
If you say it’s hard, it is.
If you say you can’t, you’re right.
Choose your words wisely as they create your reality…
Thoughts… words… actions… reality…

And live the healthier life you were meant to live!!!