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28 Day Spring into Summer Team Challenge

Check out the short promo video above.

Join us

What better way to spring into summer than with a FUN challenge- with chances to win team prizes along the way.

Join our team – Learn Healthy Habits- Lose Weight-Earn Points…You can be part of our teams even if you are in the maintenance phase of your healthy journey and ESPECIALLY IF YOU HAVE BEEN PUTTING OFF LOSING A LITTLE OR A LOT OF WEIGHT!

Program based on the Habits of Health & prizes will be awarded for practicing healthy behaviors, even if you do not have weight to lose!

Your health coach will be there to guide support and encourage you and you’ll be part of a team of like-minded goal archieves, as you shed those extra pounds and work toward overall health! Invite your Friends, Family, CO-Workers to join you, or even to create your own team of 10.

LAUNCHES APRIL 7th – Runs 28 days. No time to spare, Call or reply to this email for further information and contest rules..DONT DELAY!!!

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Take Shape Tuesday Congratulations to Bethany

Bethany’s Story in her wordsBethany

“I have been overweight since I was 5 years old, closing in on 200 pounds by age 13. My senior year of high school (just by being active and playing lots of basketball) I managed to get down to about 165 pounds and didn’t even realize it was happening until I got there. After graduating high school the weight started coming back on pound by pound.

When I got married I weighed almost 200 pounds despite trying EVERYTHING and EVERY DIET to lose weight before my big day. After getting married and having 2 beautiful children I had lost hope of every getting to a healthy weight or even losing any weight.

A friend of my sisters told me about this program and I thank God everyday that she called me. I started this program weighing in at 237 pounds. I have reached my goal of 146 pounds – a 91 pound loss!!!
Now it’s been a over a year and I’m still maintaining my weight loss and THRIVING!! I have taught my kids about how important health is. I now have the energy to play with them and I LOVE IT!!!!! This summer I have ran three 5k mud-obsticle coarse races – I have NEVER enjoyed exercising until NOW!!!!! This is what THRIVING in LIFE feels like and it’s AMAZING!!!! I will NEVER give up the HEALTH that this program has given me!!!!!

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Take Shape Tuesday Congratulations to the Torresson’s

The Torresson’s Story –Torresson
With two older kids already, making the decision to become a Mom again at the age of 38 was super scary!
I had worked really hard to be in shape and look and feel great.
So fast forward to having two teenagers and a toddler in the house and my healthy body goals seemed like a dream of the past.
We all know that diets don’t really work. I had tried them all.
I looked OK and felt OK but I had given up on “great”. Then I made a choice and I made a commitment. Sound scary? It was a little.
Then my husband decided to bring health into his life,together we are 90 pounds lighter and our dreams are a million times bigger!

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Red – Yellow – Green, Where are you and where do you want to be?


Sooooo here is a moment of honesty…

where do you fall in the BMI chart..

Green – projected, most enjoyable longest life!!

Yellow – warning signs, probably not the most enjoyable, pain free, medication free life..

Red -WARNING – please do something so you will life an amazing long enjoyable life to be around for your loved ones, and your loved ones won’t be burdened with your care…
We would love to helo- If you are in the Yellow or Red and you are ready to hear about how you can get into the Green (and enjoy a longer healthier life) please fill out a profile at (click there –>) (confidentially) and we can assist you.