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Have a Happy Healthy Valentines

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Lover Valentine Havanese puppy

People around the world will be celebrating love and romance tomorrow on Valentine’s Day. Although love and romance are pretty diet-friendly, usually Valentine’s Day also involves heavy dinners, decadent desserts, and of course an indulgent box of chocolates.

With these 5 creative and healthy changes, you can have a memorable night without expanding your waistline:

What’s cookin’ good lookin’? February 14th is one of the biggest restaurant nights of the year. But, preparing a candlelit dinner at home can be just as romantic, not to mention healthier. At home you can control exactly what and how much you eat. Cook with fresh ingredients and flavorful spices and herbs for a delicious meal. A homemade meal is a thoughtful way to eat healthy while cherishing your significant other.

Go dutch, on the entrée that is. If you do decide to go out to eat, split an entrée in half. The serving sizes at many restaurants are large enough for two people to share. Splitting meals can help keep you mindful of healthy portion control. Not only could it be romantic (think Disney’s Lady and the Tramp spaghetti scene), but you will remember to eat slowly and enjoy the company of your significant other.

Take a hike! In lieu of a sweet treat, give an unforgettable experience. Take your significant other on a fun active date. You can hike a beautiful trail with a view, go sledding or take a dance class. You and significant other will be creating fun new memories and burning calories without even realizing it.

Life is like a box of chocolates. If you receive a box of chocolates or treats from a special someone on Valentine’s Day, bring it into work for the whole office to share. Every time someone thanks you, it’ll be a sweet reminder of all the calories you saved! Better yet, tell your sweetie you’d prefer a gift like jewelry or a puppy instead of boring old chocolate.

Have your cake and eat it too! Make healthier versions of sweet Valentine’s Day treats using Medifast Meals like these Medifast healthy desserts.

MF choc pb pie

MF Peanut butter cup

oatmeal gingerbread cookies


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