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Olympic Motivation

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The 2014 Winter Olympics are here, and watching the athletes compete can be very motivating. Sometimes it can even seem like Olympic athletes really did descend from Greek gods of Mt. Olympus, with their superhuman strength and laser focus.olympica

But, Olympic athletes aren’t superhuman; they are just like the rest of us.

So if you are having a tough time motivating yourself to go on that jog, or hit the gym after work, use these simple tips and tricks from Olympic athletes to help stay on track:
Workout with a buddy. Exercising with friends makes the daunting task of working out much more enjoyable. Try group classes with friends at your local gym like Olympic figure skater Nancy Kerrigan does. Exercising with friends can also motivate you to work harder according to water polo player Lauren Wenger. She says, “When I see a teammate working hard, it pushes me that much more.”

Record your exercises. Wherever and whenever you exercise, bring a pen or pencil along to keep track of your activity. This way you will see how far you’ve come, and won’t forget what you’ve already accomplished. Olympic soccer player Heather O’Reilly says, “If I don’t bring a sheet with my workouts on it, I end up wasting time and not being as efficient… For me, the sense of accomplishment when I see that I’ve completed a workout is great.”

Schedule a time to exercise. Treat exercise as one of your main priorities by scheduling time for it like you would any other important activity or meeting. It’s easier to keep that up with exercising when you develop a routine. Kristi Yamaguchi, Olympic figure skater and now mother, can find 100 different things to do instead of working out. “If I don’t say, OK on this day I will work out or at least 20 minutes, it won’t happen.”

Set goals. You might not be going for an Olympic gold medal, but having something to work towards will keep you motivated and inspire you to do your best. Like Olympic ice hockey player Angela Ruggiero says, “If you don’t have something to work for, it’s easy to get side-tracked.”
The Olympic athletes are proof of human strength and endurance. Stay motivated and enjoy watching the 2014 Winter Olympics!

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