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Eight Steps to Breaking Habits

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1. Stop—Challenge—Choose. scc only black

Any time you become aware of an unhealthy thought, feeling, or action, use the Stop—Challenge—Choose Method. Let’s say you’re about to eat a whole tray of appetizers at a party because you’re nervous. First, stop and take a deep, slow breath to help bring your emotions under control. Next, challenge yourself by thinking about why you’re feeling or acting the way you are. Finally, choose the behavior that supports what you really want.

2. Make time your ally.

Time can be a powerful ally as you build optimal health. As you’ll see, your daily choices can, over time, lead you from non-sickness to disease. But conversely, time can serve as your ally as you make choices that lead to optimal health.

3. Avoid peer pressure and toxic environments.

Do your friends and family follow the same Habits of Disease that you do? Are you hanging out in an unhealthy environment? It’s a good idea to avoid, as much as possible, any activities, friends, and environments that are not conducive to healthy behaviors.

4. Keep a journal.

Every time you engage in an activity or make a choice that doesn’t support health, write it down. Make a note of what triggered the behavior and kept you from controlling the unhealthy choice.

5. Exchange a negative for a positive choice.

Once you’ve mastered Stop—Challenge—Choose, this technique can help lead you to healthy alternatives. For example, say you’re tired at work in the afternoon. You probably habitually grab a cup of coffee, but as you’ll learn about sleep, this choice can actually exacerbate your lack of energy by robbing you of sleep that night. Instead, recharge naturally by taking a brisk 10-minute walk or by resting for five minutes with your eyes closed while listening to relaxing music.

6. Avoid giving the bad habit your energy or focus.

The best way to avoid acting in a certain way is to direct your focus elsewhere. If you keep telling yourself you’re not going to overeat or watch a second movie instead of heading to bed, your mind will stay focused on what you don’t want to do. The key is to avoid thinking of the behavior in the first place—which will become much easier as we load your daily choices with healthy habits that support what you really want.

7. Create barriers to the Habits of Disease.

I am absolutely powerless when it comes to bite size Hershey nuggets almond toffee. I have not been able to just have a couple… no I could literally eat the entire bag in a day and that is about 2000 plus calories I do not need. So that is the one candy I MUST stay away from. It is not in my house and I do not buy it anymore.

8. Get support.

If you aren’t sure how to conquer a certain temptation, ask someone who has experienced the same challenge, like A Health Coach. That is why I started this blog is to help others as I help myself. Together we are better !!!

several parts of theses 8 steps are taken from Dr A’s Stop Challenge Choose blog


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I love helping people with their Bucket List Travel and to learn the habits of health to live a happier healthier life. At this time in life I enjoy spending time with my family being a NANA, playing tennis, reading. enjoying true friendships and living my Bucket List Life

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