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Finally Free From Diet Soda After 41 years.


When I was 10 years old I started drinking Tab, the new diet soda, no sugar. I thought it was great, I already felt like was addicted to sugar so I thought this would be a good thing. I can remember years later at 17 feeling fat and needing to lose weight so I went on what I called the Tab and Cornnut diet….again trying to stay away from sugar. I pretty much ate eggs, cantaloupe, Cornnuts, salad and Tab for an entire summer, and lost 17 lbs.
At some point I switched to diet pepsi and I became a Diet Pepsi snob.. no diet Coke or diet rite for me.. I wanted and craved Diet Pepsi.

When I started on our health program in late 2007 I remember someone saying I should stop drinking diet soda, my answer to them was that it was allowed on the program and it would help me out since I could not have chocolate. Now not only was I addicted to diet soda but now I am a self confessed Chocoholic too.

Over the last 6 years I have read and even posted here the ails of drinking diet soda. I just could not think about giving up the diet soda when I was still struggling to keep my weight off. What I did learn, but just kind of let sit in the back of my brain is that the chemicals in diet soda actually make you CRAVE SUGAR MORE, kinda tricks the brain into thinking your giving it sugar and then when it realizes it was not sugar it goes batty for more sugar.

I have been reading the book The Willpower Instinct by Kelly McGonigal Ph D. I am about halfway through it and it is talking a about building your willpower, one step at a time. So I decided, I would give up the diet soda… What the heck, it should be a whole lot easier than giving up my chocolate.
8 weeks ago I decided I would try this willpower test of giving up diet Pepsi till the end of the year. I would visualize myself a year from now a person who not only, does not drink diet soda, but does not even want it. What I can say is I cannot believe what has happened, not only has it been pretty easy (only craving it a few times) but after about 2 weeks I noticed something even bigger….. I am no longer a chocoholic either. I am not craving chocolate hardly at all and that is HUGE for me. Why did I wait so long!So bye bye diet soda and hello an easier life of striving for my healthier life.


Author: SuesHealthierLife

I love helping people with their Bucket List Travel and to learn the habits of health to live a happier healthier life. At this time in life I enjoy spending time with my family being a NANA, playing tennis, reading. enjoying true friendships and living my Bucket List Life

2 thoughts on “Finally Free From Diet Soda After 41 years.

  1. So, so proud of you!!!!! Great willpower! I quit caffeine a week ago, and am just now starting to feel my head unfogging. The withdrawals weren’t fun! Congrats Sue!!!

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