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Take Shape Tuesday Congratulations to Grace


Grace’s Story

For years I struggled with feeling beautiful and as a result struggled with weight all of my life. I used to exercise like crazy because I thought that was the answer to being healthy. Of course I would eat whatever I wanted at the same time so the exercise wasn’t helping much!

Up until I got married I was able to maintain a somewhat healthy weight. After 7 years of marriage and 3 children later I was up to 245 pounds.

I tried a few different diets. I would lose some weight then gain it back. I was trying to exercise, but it was too painful.

I tried eating healthy but a salad followed by chocolate doesn’t bring the best results 😉 One day I told my husband that I was sorry I wasn’t beautiful for him. I was getting depressed about my weight and was scared that I would get adult onset diabetes like my parents. I was trying to lose weight but was getting nowhere and I didn’t know what to do. As a result of that conversation, I found this program.

I lost 100 pounds and began to see things differently! I realized that the truth was, I am beautiful. I was so focused on the outside that I couldn’t see what Jon saw inside of me. Now I feel amazing! I have learned how to eat healthy and live a healthy life! I have learned so much about myself and am getting healthier every day.
When I began this journey I thought, all I wanted to do is get to a healthy weight. Now I know it was so much more! Because of this change I have a new perspective on life.

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Take Shape Tuesday Congratulations to Jeremy

Take Shape Tuesday Congratulations to Jeremy


Jeremy’s Story
“My Brother in law and father started Sue’s program in Oct 2010 and when I found out what they were doing I said, ‘I don’t need a program’. One month later they looked amazing and I seemed to find the weight they were releasing, and yet…………..’no program for me’.

Finally, the last week of January I was getting ready for my sons 1st birthday and needed a change, but still wasn’t smart enough. The following week I was getting on my winter boots, sliding my stomach out of the way, out of breath sweating like I was running a marathon and yelled to my wife, ‘I’m gonna do that thing my Dad is doing’. The program arrived later in the week and I said to my wife, ‘I’m starting Monday’. She said, ‘Well, that’s Valentines day, so why not Tuesday?’ I said, ‘Because this will allow me to be around for many Valentines days to come.’

The Holidays are just around the corner, you can get healthy and in better shape before they arrive.

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Take Shape Tuesday Congratulations to Ed



Ed’s typical breakfast each morning was a banana and orange juice. Many days he wouldn’t eat again until dinner time and made a regular habit of eating ice cream nearly every night for dessert. When he went for his annual physical, his physician told him he had fatty liver disease, and he had already had his gallbladder removed several years ago. At first Ed scoffed at the idea of “dieting,” but when he saw his friends from church losing weight so quickly and easily, he was finally convinced to give this program a try with the help of his health coach from church. Ed had a lot of concepts about how this wouldn’t work for him. He didn’t think he could give up his banana and OJ every morning, or eat six times a day. But he trusted his coach and decided to give it a try for one month. The results were almost immediate for Ed, and before he knew it, he shed 60 lbs!

Ed is now successfully living out the habits of health on a daily basis. He no longer experiences the fatigue and achiness from very often having to be on his feet at work all day. He has abundant energy, and enjoys being active with his healthy wife, and he has made optimal health a way of life!

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Take Shape Tuesday Congratulations to The Parks Family


The Park’s

This is the Park’s Story in their words, “Before we started our journey to health we were living the typical American life. We ate very unhealthy. Our source of entertainment was centered around the TV. We loved each other but our unhealthy habits were hurting us more then we realized. Each year we gained more and more weight and added new unhealthy habits. To make it even more painful, we were passing these same unhealthy habits onto our children. As we started our journey to getting healthy in body, we started working on those habits too. We started implementing the healthy habits into our family. Now we enjoy being active with our kids. Being at healthy weights, we can do more with them and actually enjoy it! Grace lost 100 pounds and Jon lost 40 pounds! We are eating healthy as a family. Many people are amazed at how our kids enjoy healthy food! We are daily improving our endurance through exercise while teaching our kids how fun and rewarding being active is.As our bodies get healthier, our minds are getting healthier. As our minds are getting healthier, our finances are getting healthier. They all work together and are changing the dynamic of our family! We enjoy long trips with our kids. We are training them up in health and teaching them long term healthy habits! We don’t have that fear of them having to go through the same health struggles we went through. Thanks to this program our lives have and are still changing for the better!

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Take Shape Tuesday Congratulations to Shirley



With more than 125 pounds to lose, Shirley says, “It was like carrying the weight of my 23 year old daughter on my back! No wonder I was incapable of walking. I had gone through physical therapy for sciatic nerve damage, and had numerous nerve block surgeries, but without real success. Now I can walk more than 40 minutes, and have added water aerobics and am practically pain free! When we attend an upcoming event next year, I expect I will be able to show off a size 8 blue Gala Ball gown which I wore for my husband’s company event in 1979, our 1st year of 35 years of marriage. It has been so easy to stay on track and I will soon reach my Optimal Health goal, thanks to this amazing program”