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Part 2 of Fat Burning

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Being in Fat Burning

As the fat by products pervade your bloodstream to supply the cells with energy, your state of FB begins to manifest some side effects. I will review the most common and please make note that they are not bad for you or cause any harm.
Ketones show up in your urine, which are sometimes able to be detected with Ketostix, but the state of ketosis that our program evokes is so mild that often such tests won’t show a positive result on the Ketostix. We do not suggest you use this as a measurement.
One of the three types of ketones is permeable to the lungs and can pass from the blood through the lung walls and becomes incorporated into your exhalations, the same way that carbon dioxide passes out of the body. This can cause “ketosis breath” and a slight metallic or sweet taste in the mouth. This is unpleasant, but can be easily overcome with frequent brushing of teeth (a few times a day) and sugarless gum/mints. (watch the carbs in the mints!)

Menses for women can also be affected while in fat burn. Your cycle may be start sooner than you plan, it can be disrupted or cease all together. While this is an odd occurrence for a woman, it is not completely unexpected while in this state.
You may or may not occasionally feel hunger while in FB, but it should be more mild than normal. Since you’re eating every few hours, you shouldn’t feel that gnawing sensation associated with hunger prior to being in fat burn. As your body adapts to the new circumstances, it may even develop an internal clock that will make you mildly hungry right around meal time. For some, there is no hunger at all and people need to remember or even be reminded that they need to eat!
Another side effect for some is an increased sensitivity to cold. Hands and feet can be particularly affected. Warm drinks (tea, coffee), sweaters, heat packs, etc can all help with this.

Breaking Fat Burning

Staying in Fat Burning revolves around keeping your body from getting excess carbohydrates. If you give your body more carbs than are suggested for the Fat Burning state, it will end the FB state and resume using carbohydrates. This crash out of FB has some side effects as well:
•Hunger – your body will assume that since you’re getting enough carbs to end FB, there must be ample food available. Coming out of FB and having food available is exactly the type of situation that the body has adapted for over the millennia – “Feast or Famine”. Now, it sees it as a time to feast so that you can replenish the glycogen that you depleted while getting into FB. That replenishment requires more fuel – more food! Therefore, your body tells you to eat, eat and eat. You’ll be almost insatiably hungry.
•Immediate and dramatic weight gain – As your body restores its glycogen, you’re gaining weight…quickly. Several pounds in a period of a couple days is not uncommon.

Resuming Fat Burning

If you fall out of FB for some reason, the best thing to do is to start working to get right back in it. Resume the program as if you hadn’t gotten off at all. Keep on your meal schedule and get in your 5 meals and a Lean and Green. Don’t abandon the day, weekend or week by just giving up on it because you’ve “messed it up”. Just get right back into the program right away!
Doing this helps to significantly reduce the amount of time it takes to get back into FB. The longer you stay out of FB, the longer it takes to get back into it. So, hop right back on the wagon!

Best of all, once you’ve reached your healthy weight, you can use this very same system with expanded variety of foods and calories to maintain it. And, with the addition of healthy movement, you’ll be burning enough extra calories to stay at your ideal weight indefinitely! This is all part of Dr. A’s balanced plan to move us beyond weight loss to a state that supports us for life– in optimal health!


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