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Brian had dieted before..this time he wants to keep it off !

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I have to say that even though I have been able to lose weight before, never has the weight came off so fast and so easy. I remember going to bed hungry in the past but with this program, I almost had to force myself to eat that last meal because I was not hungry. Now I am 40 pounds lighter! Even in my transition I lost 8 pounds. This program is unlike all the other times when I lost my “extra” weight. Before when I went off the diets, I had no idea how to keep it off and started putting the weight back on, rather quickly. This time it is very different. I now know how to eat right and now look at food completely different. I have control over the food now and I love it. I have been in maintenance for a couple weeks now and I am doing great! I really feel that this is going to be the “new me” for life.


Author: SuesHealthierLife

I love helping people with their Bucket List Travel and to learn the habits of health to live a happier healthier life. At this time in life I enjoy spending time with my family being a NANA, playing tennis, reading. enjoying true friendships and living my Bucket List Life

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